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Rollercoin is a popular crypto virtual mining game that awards real cryptocurrency to players. It is a unique idea that almost sounds too good to be true. Here is what you should know before signing up and testing it for yourself.

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What Is Rollercoin?

Rollercoin is a web-based bitcoin mining simulator. You create a character and build a virtual data center to mine virtual bitcoin. You then play various mini-games and complete missions to gain mining power. As your mining power grows, you earn more crypto.

The simulator includes a variety of activities to keep you coming back. You can customize your character, upgrade your data center, and compete against friends.

How Does it Work?

You first need to create an account. Rollercoin allows you to sign up using an email address or Facebook account. After signing up, you can instantly start customizing your character.

The game is designed as a simulation of bitcoin mining. You have a variety of stats to pay attention to, including:

  • Network power
  • My power
  • Mining block
  • Reward

The network power is the total mining power of all players combined. “My Power” is your personal mining power.

It determines how big of a share of the reward block you receive. The reward block includes a fixed amount of Bitcoin (BTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), and Ethereum (ETH).

Your rewards are sent to your in-game wallet, which you can access from the menu. You can initiate a withdrawal to any cryptocurrency wallet.

However, there is a minimum withdrawal of 10,000 Satoshi. Most of the simulator experience revolves around the completion of mini-games and upgrading your data center.

You can also buy items to increase your potential mining power. Buying a rack and one or more miners allows you to get a larger share of the reward block.

Positive Features of Rollercoin

Rollercoin is a surprisingly entertaining online simulation game. You can play mini-games to earn mining power.

However, the mining power earned from playing games only lasts 24 hours. Along with the mini-games, you build a virtual data center. It consists of a single PC, but you can upgrade it with a rack and extra miners.

You also earn new PCs. After winning 10 games, you receive a better PC. New PCs allow you to hold power longer. Instead of 24 hours, you may extend the life of your power to three, five, or seven days.

You get another PC after winning 30 games and third after winning 60 games. You can also play Rollercoin from almost any device.

It is a web-based game, allowing you to log in and play from any Internet-connected device with a web browser, such as your PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Negative Features of Rollercoin

The need to play each day is one potential drawback of playing Rollercoin. The mining power that you gain is only temporary.

To maintain stable power, you need to play each day. Luckily, you do not need to devote hours to the game.

You can log in and play for short periods whenever you have free time.


Rollercoin is a fun online game with several unique features. You can build a virtual bitcoin mining data center and earn real bitcoin.

Keep in mind that Rollercoin is not intended as a source of income. A single reward block may contain about 30,000 Satoshi. 100 million Satoshi is equal to 1 bitcoin.

The mini-games are entertaining when played in short spurts. Learning more about the bitcoin mining process by building a virtual data center should also keep you coming back for more.

If you want to try a fun distraction, Rollercoin is worth checking out.

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