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The price of Bitcoin continues to appreciate and getting more and more sought after. For most people, owning 1 BTC seems far-fetched. You don’t have to use your own funds to buy Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, there are numerous other ways to get in for free.

This post will show you all the possible ways to do it. From watching videos, playing games, liking posts on social media, etc.

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Watching Videos

This seems almost too easy – because it is. I have earned over 50 USD on Coinbase just by watching videos and answering some multiple-choice questions about different projects. It couldn’t possibly get any easier.

Depending on the promotion, the coin you will get for free can be any type of cryptocurrency. From Bitcoin, Stellar Lumens, Compound, etc.

See the screenshot below for some of the coins I have gotten for free by watching videos.

I am also automatically signed up for all upcoming projects where I will earn free crypto.

This is easy money – you need to register on Coinbase to be able to take part.

Playing Games

Rollercoin is a virtual cryptocurrency mining simulator. It is a game where you build your own data center and compete against other players.

The more games you play, and the more games you win –  the more Bitcoin you can earn.

Complete missions and undertake tasks to increase your BTC holdings.

You need an account at Rollercoin to start mining.

Rollercoin is not the only crypto game. There are more, for example; Spells of Genesis, EOS Knights, Altcoin Fantasy and Blockchain Poker.


Full disclaimer, I have never tried this option – simply because it has been too difficult to find out which projects have an airdrop.

I just recently noticed that it has gotten way easier to take part and knowing about airdrops via the new feature on Coinmarketcap.

I recommend that you have a look – I do know that a lot of people have made serious money on airdrops.

For example – Uniswap gave away 400 tokens to those who had used their platform before a given date. The price of 1 Uniswap token as of writing is $25.

Take Surveys

Timebucks is a website where you can take surveys to earn free Bitcoin. 

Not only can you take surveys to start earning – but there are other options like:

  • Posting on TikTok
  • Posting on Instagram
  • Installing Apps
  • Viewing Slideshows

The minimum you have to earn to be able to withdraw is 10 USD. Register on Timebucks and get free coins for completing tasks.

By Walking (Yes, in like steps)

Would you believe it – you can actually earn Bitcoin by walking. This is no joke, there is an app for it.

Chances are you wont get rich and you will not be able to “game” the app.

As with most sites that give away free Bitcoin you will earn fractions of Bitcoin called satoshis.

Sign up at sMiles to try it out. They also offer freebies (cashback) for shopping etc.

Use a Internet Browser

This is another one of those inventions that will pay you for what most people are doing on a daily basis – surfing the web.

Download the CryptoTab browser and start earning Bitcoin right away. It is as lightweight as Google Chrome and will reward you based on your usage – a feature you can easily adjust within the browser.

The CryptoTab browser is also available for Mobile phones, on Android and iOS.

Use a Debit Card

If you are looking for cashback when using your debit card – has some great offers.

You can sign up and get their “Midnight Blue” debit card for $0. With this card, you get 1% cashback for any purchase.

For the “Ruby Steel” card you need to hold 400$ worth of’s token CRO. This option gives you 2% cashback on your purchases.

Your cashback reward will be paid out in cryptocurrency.

See the screenshot below for different tiers.

Register for free at

Start Mining

This is not 100% free as you are using your PC/Laptop to “mine” Bitcoin – which means you are paying for electricity.

For most people, like myself who have 1 graphic card going 24 hours a day mining Bitcoin – the cost is at roughly 90 watts per hour.

That is just over 2 Kilowatts per day ~ costing me 50 cents.

You can also use you Laptop but the rewards will be less as it is using your processor (CPU) instead of your graphic card (GPU).

The easiest place to start is at Nicehash where you can get going with just a few clicks.

Register at Nicehash.

Do Nothing - Get Free Doge Coin

First of all – you will not get rich but you can request free Dogecoin every 3 hours from Dogecoin faucet.

This website is supported by ads – and every 3 hours any user can request free Doge. That does not mean you will get them but you are in with a chance.

This is a faucet website – which in cryptocurrency terms means that they exist to help new users in the space getting their first coins.

Request Doge for free.

Be a Bounty Hunter

On this website, you can choose the be a Bounty Hunter or a Bounty Host. You can even take it up a notch and take on the role of Bounty Sheriff. 

The basic premise is that you complete bounties like; writing an article, making a video, creating a meme, etc. and you will get a piece of the bounty rewards.

You can also take on the role of Bounty Host and set up missions for Bounty Hunters to complete.

Register at Bounty0x.

Hunt for Nano's

Have you ever played Pokemon? Well, this concept is pretty much the same except that you are looking for spots of interest on a map that gives out free Nano.

Users can set up spots and making it easy to share and donate with anyone in an instant. The payment is processed right away to your wallet.

Get the WeNano App.

Read and get Paid

If you want to educate yourself in crypto – what better way to do it than to get paid while doing it?

Publish0x pays users to read, write, and share content. 

This platform is similar to Medium – both author and reader are rewarded.

Register at Publish0x.

Use Reddit

On the r/Cryptocurrency you can earn free MOON tokens for participating in the subreddit – you will earn what is called karma based on your contribution.

MOONs are distributed to the community each month at a fixed rate – you need at least 100 karma points to be able to claim a reward.

Start earning MOONs.

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